Our vision

First, so that Tamil- Christians from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and India could join in worship, and receive pastoral care, in their mother tongue. Second, so that Christ could be made known to Hindu Tamil friends, without their feeling a need to become Westerners as well. Third, to help the next generation grow up to be ABC: Asian, British, and Christian.

Pastoral care is partly provided by lots of people helping each other in countless ways all the time. Our church rarely undertakes any socially-useful projects, of the sort that figure large in other churches’ programmes, because our whole church is a social project, in which our members are helping each other adapt to living in the modern West. When crises happen, which is frequently, pastors are there to advise, pray, and help as quickly as possible.

Evangelism, also, is the continuous activity of the whole church. But special efforts are made from time to time.

We aim to keep growing in Christ, caring for people, and sharing the truth of the gospel. With God’s help, the next two decades will be even better than the first three.

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